Worldwide Online Lost and Found System


"It isn't just about getting my smart phone (iPhone) back. It is about all the data I have on it.. This is much cheaper than other services, and the sticker is clean, durable and it works."
– Melanie, Northbrook, IL
"Great Idea! What a great deal! I've tagged everything valuable around the house... more than worth the $10 price."
– Bianca, Lees Summit, MO
"Simple and Useful - I bought two packs on the recommendation of a friend. Now I have the stickers on my mobile phones, laptop, PDA, and keys. I think the key tag is excellent! Hopefully I won't lose anything, but if I do... Also, the website is easy to use and straight-forward."
– Jason B.
"While making hospital rounds one morning, I inadvertently left my cell phone at a work station. When I realized I lost the phone, I logged onto the Z-return website, and to my excitement, a hospital employee had left a message they found my phone and where I could retrieve it.  I subsequently got my phone back."
– Eric, Glenview, IL
"I have a habit of losing my skis. Now if I lose them, at least I am confident they will be returned."
– Amy, Skokie, IL